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My mission is to empower and guide people to their liberation from emotional trauma and pain through self-healing techniques and modalities. To ultimately embody presence, find ease in their bodies and manifest their dream reality.
- Salvatore Liberti



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"Before sessions with Salvatore, I hid in the shadows. I was aloof, afraid, anxious and depressed. I was one to take care of everybody else and neglect myself, maybe even ignore myself. I wore so many masks that I didn’t know who I was. I was good at going through the motions. It seems like the sessions are truly magical. Salvatore truly sees me, the me who I was at the beginning. This knowing and nonjudgement has been liberating. This safe space has allowed me to be vulnerable. It’s like a light bulb has been turned on and I have become hungry to learn and know more. Salvatore is straightforward even if I skate around my truth. He doesn’t give fluff or sugarcoat anything. Learning that everything comes back to breath and flow has helped me overcome so much. The sessions have shown me that it is okay to trust my own voice and let it show in my daily life. I don’t want to hide in the shadows anymore." - Susan Yeoman

"“As 2020 would have it, tension levels swarmed through and brought out the parts of me that I didn’t even know I had an issue with. While I focused on my inner self, I caught up with an old friend where she introduced me to the light that is Salva. Salva’s breath work and guidance has allowed me to open a realm where I can focus on the here and now. It is an energy that I am proud to say I carry in my life now. Salva’s guided meditations center the busiest of brains and he walks you through a series of breath work exercises that create a space of peace. Even through a screen, Salva provides a comfortable ambiance that welcomes peace and love into my life. Thank you Salva for your beautiful work." - Juanita Laverde


Salvatore Liberti was born in the culturally rich Lima, Peru, and immersed throughout youth in sacred teachings and mysticism of his ancestry. His family emigrated to Florida when Sal was eight and by twelve, he had become "man of the house,” assuming responsibilities beyond his years.

Salva’s life took a dramatic turn at age 17, after accompanying a friend to a Tony Robbins seminar. Inspired by this powerful master, he joined the volunteer crew for multiple “Date with Destiny” and “Business Mastery” events. At 22, he was recruited by best-selling author, speaker and coach, Rock Thomas, to lead recruitment for the M1 Mastermind—the prestigious personal growth program for high-achievers. Setting him on a learning journey throughout Canada, Europe, and the US, eventually returning to Florida.

Throughout these powerful growth experiences, Salva discovered the practice of spirituality. His studies in Reiki, Posturology, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, Martial Arts, Plant Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, and various breathwork and meditation techniques provide the groundwork.

In 2020 and 2021, Salva served an apprenticeship with one of the world's most skilled Ayahuasca Shamans from Colombia, learning to conduct sacred ceremonies and train in psychedelic therapy.  He brings all to bear in his unique style of  teaching, healing and coaching craft.


Liberti Breathwork

A powerful guided breathwork experience, featuring a technique based in Transformational Breathwork, designed to reset the nervous system, release stuck energy and help in healing trauma. Also, it oxygenates the blood to begin to detox the cells and improve brain function. Known to release stress and improve sleep.

The Power of Breath - Workshop

Focusing on an educational understanding of the mechanics of proper breathing, how common breath habits are affecting our physical, emotional and mental health, and teaching students how to self-regulate their nervous systems through breath techniques. Great for workplace education. Can be followed by Liberti Breathwork.